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 松坂の初登板での初勝利がこちらでも大きく報道され、同じく米国で働く日本人としてはうれしい限り。一番の褒め言葉は、David Ortizのコメント。

"He reminds me of Pedro [Martinez] when he's pitching," said Ortiz. "He has total control of the game when he's out there, you know what I mean? He's got great stuff. When you watch him on TV, it's like a Nintendo game. He throws pitches that normally pitchers don't throw for a strike. He's got pitches that just disappear when they get to the plate." 【The Official Site of The Boston Red Sox: News: Boston Red Sox Newsより引用】

「Pedro Martinezを思い出させる」とは最高の褒め言葉だが、最後の「彼の球はプレートの上で消える」という表現がなかなか面白い。



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