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Timothy Partee

The hurdles Adobe/Macromedia face concerning widespread distribution of "universal Flash apps" stems from the fact that Flash Application Developers are few and farbetween, and an elistist club of people who had to buy-into their position. Flash development comes with a high price tag for the tools, and an even higher pricetag in regards to the learning curve. Flash is extremely challenging for development and requires a whole suite of other costly utilities in order to fully leverage it's power and deliver a quality end-result. Even if you put this production-quality tool in front of developers for a low cost, the massive amount of learning and related tool learning would scare away any significant amount of development throughput from anything but the largest and most talented companies. Ultimately there are better, more accessable platforms available; while Adobe is having public pipe-dreams they are certainly neglecting to realize the complexity and depth required to deliver to "virtually every device"...

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