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HTML5 is not a real threat at all. Flash is far more than simply animating some shapes to float around and the capabilities Flash offers are way more than HTML5 could do. And as a real Web Designer or as a big Client you will not consider to use HTML5 for the next few years anyway and once the real advantages of HTML5 are kind of established, they'll be pretty much useless again.

Let's gonna say I want an advanced interactive Flash website, something some people call "web experience" (shudders), it's a gallery where each page contains 50 images, those 50 images float in a 3D space, serval effects like motion blur, DOF, transparency are drawn on them - all of this stuff might be possible in HTML5, but the performance will make it useless for every commercial use, and such effects are pretty much standard and really outstanding.

david t

@Mweber: You're missing the point of the article. It is not claiming HTML5 to be a threat to your "advanced interactive flash web experience." It is, however, a major threat to flash for use on mobile devices.

Cyril Gupta

Nice analysis David, though I'd like to hear more about why you think Android would be the dominant smartphone platform in the future.


I like your analysis. But I think you overlooked the fact that Adobe, the company behind the de facto standards of today's designers and many developers, probably has their own plans for HTML 5 and Canvas. I'll cite a sneak at Adobe MAX where they showed a Flash to HTML5 to Canvas demo.

Adobe's in the business of creative tools. Let's pretend Flash, in its current incarnation (or any future version), is NEVER supported by any mobile device. Do you really think Adobe will just stop creating creating tools to support these other platforms?

HTML5 may be a threat to Flash in its current form, maybe. A threat to Adobe, not a chance.

Sekhar Ravinutala

You make an interesting point, but I don't see why you need to use the same technology (HTML/Flash/whatever) for desktops and smartphones - after all, the interface design is different for the two. E.g., say you're a car maker who needs a rich web interface, and as you admit Flash is a better choice for desktops. Now, just because HTML might be better for smartphones, why do you need to give up Flash on desktop?

Mike D

Now that Abobe have announced that the next version of Flash will output to iphone app (an obvious way to get around Apple being obtuse), how cool would it be of they also added 'publish to html5 canvas' and allowed the subset of features available in that format. While you could argue they'd be unlikely to do so as it might encourage less use of their player, you could also argue it would make it obvious to animation and application developers how limited html5 is compared to the full flash range of capabilities.

Jeffrey Bonacci

@Sekhar The point is making a site that is viewable no matter where the content is being consumed. The logical end to this would be to make an "experience" wherein people can partake on EITHER a desktop or smartphone. I get what he's saying and I have to agree. It's smoke and mirrors on Adobe's part. They want us to think that just because everyone uses Flash right now that THAT makes it an open standard. In fact, it's not, and people only use it because, up to now, it is all they knew. That is changing. There is a choice now.


Hi,I'm working on an iPad atpaiclpion used for reading comics and books. Can you make a study on menus in iPhone and iPad atpaiclpions ? Especially how the menu appear and disappear.Nowadays, I've seen many ways to do it : clicking in the middle of the screen, double clicking, clicking on a small button or on top of the screen, dragging the menu from the top bar (ie android) etc Sometimes the menu is always there but the look make it not disturbing. I'd like to get your expertise about that point.


Hello all, Have missed Voice Works for 2 snsoises now and worried that I will never catch up. I shall be trying out these exercises shortly. And I hear your concert, Paul, with Martin Issep was wonderful and I missed that too. Hey ho, let's hope I get to our next session.


[..YouTube..] Hey I just love this effect. can you tell me, is there a way to cratee this effect and when its done have it remain on the page as a static image? I'm using this effect as for my signature on my portfolio site which contains 4 pages. This is on the first page but if someone revisits the page, the effect does not replay nor is it static, the area is just left blank .I want the signature to remain as a static image. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


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