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Gabriel Harrison

There are a couple of really big features that would make CloudReaders stand out even further as the best PDF reader on the iPad/Phone.

1. Folders
I have a lot of books that I have transferred to the iPad and having to
prepend related books with a string in the file name not only looks sloppy
but makes the list long and hard to manage. Please help to release folders

2. Text Search
Searching through PDFs is the one feature that is really making me need to
look elsewhere. I have a lot of pen and paper RPG books (called Table Talk
Games in Japan). These books have a lot of data in them and being able to
search is critical.

Nice to Haves

1. Performance
Working very large books (200+ pages of 8.5" x 11" or greater) have a
tendency to make things slower than they should be.

2. Toggle for animation between pages
On the larger pages sometimes the application has trouble displaying the
transition. I am looking for a way to change pages without animation as you
might find when using Adobe Acrobat in single page non-continuous mode

Can I help?

If you find that these requests are too much to chew on your own, I'd be willing to help you develop them. I am a software engineer myself and, while newer to Objective C, could offer my assistance for free.



Jasyn W Jones

Thank you for a comic/pdf reader that actually works. I've paid $30 and more buying others that didn't. Your is simply the best.

If you introduced a "Pro" version, I'd buy it.

A couple of "would be nice" requests:

Option to hide pages other than the one I'm looking at (no "edges").

Option to rename/organize comics ("folders").

Cover view, like iBooks.


First, thank you for developing this awesome and wonderful application, I bought iPad mainly for the eBook experience.

Second, as other people mention above, please add folder and rename options for this wonderful app.

Third, please have this app. stay as simple as possible, lots of apps once became popular and then start add a lot of useless features, it might be nice to have them but really just drag the performance down.

Forth, once iPad support other language UI, will you add more other language UI ?

last but not least, thank you very much for this application !! ^.^//


I'm really impressed with the Cloudreader app - well done!

I just came here to request folder support to enable grouping of uploaded comics for easier navigation, but I see everyone else beat me to it :)

Keep up the good work.


Hello, I would like some other features, like:

2 Page number/ Total Page (display and navigate)
3 System status bar
4 Better List UI (I don't want that fancy like iBooks, but please be better)
5 Automatic load last file

And there is some bugs: when a file is deleted by iTunes, it won't disappear in CloudReaders' list.
Maybe a better icon? This is something I can help :)


*Please* get it to fix the page position when you zoom & flip pages. Hard to explain. Try it on this pdf - http://www.stanford.edu/~boyd/cvxbook/bv_cvxbook.pdf

If you zoom a little then turn the page, it moves around & you have to center it again each time.

Otherwise this is a great reader. In my opinion it's already better than goodreader because it's so fast.


When I try to view a PDF file on your app it appears without the images, they just don't seem to be there

You have a great app by the way I love it.

David Lanham

Thank you for the great app, it's simple, but does all I need it to do. Since the app is free, I'd like to donate an icon for it that I drew for you. You don't have to use it, of course, but I hope you like it! http://dlanham.com/temp/cloudreader.zip



tabs for having more than 1 file open at the same time
open source the code


@David Lanham I really like your icon!! Good job! I really hope the developer change the icon to yours so that I can put this great app next to iBooks in the first window.


Awesome app, love it! I tried converting my pdf to epub to view them in ibook but that didn't work. So I tired your app and it just works. Simple, wifi transfer, love it!

I would also like to help on coding if you needed it.

Request: 3G transfer, Something like the mac pdf preview sidebar

@David, awesome icon


Would be nice to have a "per document" zoom setting. Why? PDFs are usually designed for printing on paper so there are white margins that really have no place on a device like the iPad. So why not simply provide an option to automatically eliminate those margins (like with a persistent zoom setting)?

Otherwise, a pretty nice app! Thank you very much.


I recently downloaded your app and have been using it with my new iPad. It is a wonderful application. I would like to make the following suggestions:

1. When I open a PDF file, the displayed font is not sharp. The same PDF file in GoodReader (for example) is displayed with very crisp, sharp fonts at all levels of zooming. When I zoom in a lot to displayed text, the characters become completely blurry. Can you apply some anti-aliasing/sharpening and have it be user-adjustable?

2. Similarly, when I read some comics inside of your app, some lettering is not sharp, but it looks sharp in other applications.

3. For reading any type of file (particularly with PDF), can you provide a way to lock the screen so that it only moves in two directions (instead of all four)? This is useful after I have zoomed in with the pinching motion and then want to change pages.

4. Can you provide a user preference for how much the screen zooms in/out when I double-tap the screen?

Shawn yang

Thank you so much for this amazing app! You could have easily charged a premium price and I would still gladly buy it!
Keep up the good work! You make my iPad experience so much better!

super silly

Great App!!! two features request:
1. folder and renaming feature
2. instapaper or kindle app like screen gradient at the sides of screen for improved contrast and readability

thanks again for this great app and speedy PDF render!!!


I love this app. A few feature and/or fixes I think that are needed:

(1) Folders? I'd like to be able to sort comics by folders than see a huge list of comics

(2) Pages - can you center each page as you flip through them? It's annoying to see a page on screen that's on left side, and see edge of the next page. It's better to just see one page, center it, and have black borders on both sides.

(3) Will you expand the modes on how you can d/l comics onto the ipad? Will there be support for retrieving comics/files from a private server (such as my server at home) over wifi?

Again, love this app, and I know it can even be better!

Chi Ho Co

Hi, Can you direct me on how to transfer files via USB? I can't find the "file sharing" click anywhere.



It took me 10 min to find "file sharing" too. Connect your iPad > Click iPad icon > Click "Apps" from top tabs > then you are on where you can find "file sharing" option. The problem is that most of people wouldn't see "file sharing" option which is located under app organize window because of monitor size. You should see 3 side side bars: one left for "Sync Apps", one middle for "iPad" windows, and one right for the whole window. You have to scroll down the last one to find "file sharing".


This is a great app. Very simple and straightforward. I have tried several PDF readers on iPad but I keep coming back to this one.

My feature request has to do with the "bookshelf"... If it connected to my Dropbox account it would allow me to load PDF files into Cloud Readers without using a cable.

Along the same line of thinking, it would be convenient to have any PDF email attachment opened and saved in Cloud Readers.

John Nunnari

Thank you for a very good app!

I agree that support for folders would be useful. Currently when the iPad is held portrait style, the images from a cbr or cbz file fit to the screen by height. I tend to zoom in so that the page fills the screen from left to right, then scroll up and down, but when you flip to landscape to view double pages, and then rotate back it zooms back out again. It would be nice to have an option to fit by width to prevent this and make it easier to see text.


Cloudreader is an FANTASTIC app!

Number one feature request is folders!

I love how fast the app scrolls through PDFs and it works great as a comic book reader.

Have tried other paid apps and the PDF performance is slow, scrolling in those other apps were slow. Even other comic book readers were not as good as your app.

So please, please, please add folder support!!

It makes the file list much neater, currently have all my PDFs mixed in with 60-100 issues of Fantastic Four and Uncanny X-Men comics and scrolling the list to find my a document/comic is a bit of a hassle.

Love the app as it is now, just add folders and it will be perfect!

Keep up the good work! thanks!


FANTASTIC READER. So fast, at least with the smaller files I've been working with. I've left a glowing review. You should seriously charge at least $0.99 for it.

One bug I've noticed is in viewing CBR and CBZ files. Occasionally, the ordering of the documents within the archive is occasionally off, and sometimes random. I don't know how you open and sort the files in the archive.

I have many comic archives that you automatically places the file LAST in the archive, both in storage and in file name sorting, at the front of the display line. Sometimes, the LAST TWO pages/images are at the front of the display line. Very strange.

It would be great if the CBR/CBZ file sorting order could be examined and possibly fixed.



Ah, I see you actually have a note on iTunes that version 1.05 will have a CBR-page-ordering bug fix. You rock.


Great App Satoshi! thX for all!
And good requests. if u could do all!

A rivolutionary IDEA i had read in other places:
what about add a feature to read our documents in streaming?
A lot of us have a lot of gb in pdf, rar, and cbr and cbz files.
If we could read all these files without importing them on iPad will be AWESOME!
What do you think about this?
thx for all again!


Thank you for your great work!
I hope that cloud readers can support slide show for picture as an photo frame.
Thank you again.

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